Monday, July 6, 2009


Kaitlyn has been so excited about going to camp that she could hardly sleep last night, so today when she woke up she told me her stomach hurt and I figured she was probably just hungry. Later we were dropping off Reagan at daycare when she threw up all over the van. At that point I thought I could cry, I figured it could still be nerves so we went back home and I put her to bed and called the camp director to see if she could come late and if not was it refundable. He said she could come late but it was not refundable if she was sick. I prayed and prayed and after she slept she felt much better. She was so cute she walks in all nervous and the kids were in service and she could hear Pastor Barry and you could see her little body calm like yeah a familiar voice. She found her friends and was so happy about her room. She was having so much fun when we left I hardly got a hug good-bye. It was so hard to leave her though she looked so small as we drove away. I'm sure she's going to have a great week though.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day at Indiana Beach

Indiana Beach was celebrating their anniversary on Father's Day with quarter rides hot dogs and drinks. None of us has ever been there but it was a lot of fun. I love my kids at this age they are so easy and get along (most of the time) very well. Reagan's favorite part was driving the antique cars actually he started drive off before me and John got in. Kaitlyn's favorite was the air swings that flew over the lake mine too. You can see a picture of Reagan and John in one it's the blue box thing. My favorite was hearing the kids squeals and laughter on the tilt a whirl. John's favorite was shooting the innocent bystanders on the water ride. (and we wonder where Reagan gets it from) We had a great day I couldn't ask for a better family. The one picture of Kaitlyn sleeping is funny I don't know if you can tell but she has fit her whole body in one leg of my pants that I had in the car you can kind of see the other leg off to the side empty. This trip was at the last minute and I forgot her blanket (she's always cold)

Decorating gifts for mine and John's dad

For Father's Day I found these little boxes to paint for John's dad but on the way home Kaitlyn mentioned how much she misses papa and it sucks we can't do anything for him. (Lately she has been having a hard time with my dad being gone they were very very close but seems the past couple of weeks she has been missing him more he died two years ago in Feb.) So we went back to the store and got a box for him too each kid painted one side for each grandparent and Kaitlyn wrote a letter to my dad about her feelings and we took it to the cemetery.

Mommy Kaitlyn Day

Today Kaitlyn had a flip flop decorating class at the Jo-Ann's she only finished one so we did the other one at the pool during pool breaks. Afterwards we had dinner and finshed the night with a Hannah Montanna Movie. I love these times together she is growing up too fast.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's cool in the furnace

This weekend Kaitlyn was in the Spring Musical "It's cool in the furnace" She loves to sing. This year Kaitlyn decided to try out for a speaking part and she got a small narrator part the only problem was Saturday during rehearsal when she went to take the microphone out she hit herself in the head. All day Saturday and Sunday she worried about doing it in front of everyone. She got the microphone out and did great. I know no church is perfect and I have complained about mine before, but I really do love all the kids programs they have. Last night after the performance me and Kaitlyn were talking and she said "Just think all that with Daniel, Shadrach, Meshack and Obeindigo really happened, God's pretty cool." I told her I completely agree.

Get away with Tammy and kids

I am way behind in posting life has been crzy here. My mom got in a car accident and totalled her car, so I have been staying at my sisiter's house so we can car pool back and forth so my mom can use my car. God was very good my mom was able to get a new car this weekend within her means and she got a great deal.

The kids didn't have school last week so we went to indy.

Bradley is fascinated with dinosaurs we watched this video over and over

Bradley is not a really touchy feely person and Kailtyn so is we love this picture of them because Bradley's face is almost saying "She's touching me again"

We use to make fun of my mom growing up because she can make friends anywhere. Well Kaitlyn made this friend at the museum and she follwed us for the next two hours.

Tammy is prepared for evertything and she always packs so much. When we go out of town we usually bring a bag of cookies and a bag of chips. Kaitlyn thought is was so cool having all this food in our room. I must admit it was nice even though I made fun of her. (this is just two days)

Reagan decided not to go. He really wanted to stay home and just have some daddy time. He is such a negotiator though before we left he asked if he could have his spending money. I told him he wasn't going so why did he need money. His reply was "well if I was going I would get to spend money at the gift shop so I would like to have my money at Target instead" I took him and he purcahsed a new game.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Easter

Yes I know Easter is past, but I am a little behind in my posting. Our Easter was great I wasn't feeling the best and really just wanted to stay in bed, but we went to church and had a great time. Reagan talked alot about what he learned about in class and it made us appreciate our church more. Sometimes I can get upset by some things, but I try to remind myself no church is perfect.
After church we came home and opened Easter Baskets we bought the kids scooters and then we went to my mom's for lunch.